#1 After I read the newsletter von ylq 20.12.2019 07:31

After I read the newsletter in Grandma Bingxin's "Reposting Little Readers" Newport Cigarettes Coupons, I felt a sense of injustice for black Americans in my heart. Everyone knows that all young children especially like to watch or listen to some little stories about animals. Whenever they hear such stories, their little eyes will release infinite brilliance. However, in Alabama in the southern United States, there is a children's book called "The Wedding of a Little Rabbit", which tells the story of a little black rabbit and a white rabbit getting married. However, I did not expect that this greatly angered some Members of Congress and proposed that the children's book should be banned. This proposal was temporarily halted because it received the ridicule of people all over the world. In late June, some lawmakers in Florida, in the southern United States, proposed to ban a story called "Three Little Pigs." It was because the little black pig inside was the smartest that it was banned. Everyone think about it. These two children's books are lively and interesting, because the black rabbit married the white rabbit, and the little black pig is smarter than the white pig and will be banned. In the United States, people are divided into two types, one is white, and the other is black people in their own country, much lower than white people. They ca n��t take a car with white people, go to school together, play together, live together, eat together, have meetings ... In short, they are isolated from white people. They must avoid white people anytime, anywhere. They will be shot, hanged, burned, and beaten digitally by the white people. White American residents think that black people have black skin, so they have low intelligence. They say that they are inferior people. They must not live with them in the world. Everyone, animal, and plant is the same. Their way of life and their ancestors are the same. Why can't they sit on equal terms? In China, all the people are free and living carefree. Can you imagine such unreasonable things? All living things in the world are free! We can't oppress anyone and do something forcefully! In many places, there is a constant struggle against the discrimination and persecution of colonialists. We are convinced that one day we can drop the demon riding on our heads to the ground! We must respond to every call against Zhang Zheng to defend peace, and we must do our part in promoting international unity and peace Online Cigarettes. When will the power of peace be greater than the power of war, when those oppressed people will be able to turn over; when the power of peace is greater than the power of war Marlboro Red, when will the banned children's books meet us again; what When the power of peace outweighed the power of war, when did the imperialist colonialists retreat? I hope that the day when black people can stand up in the United States and sit on an equal footing with all white people!
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